March 5, 2009

different covers of Gee

and who would have thought that there is more to this song. seriously, i have never been this entertained by covers that i have to make a second entry for a single song. we have a non-korean and even men singing this song. woah...

be sure to play them all and enjoy... 

these people are just amazing... 

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the choir version
(i have to perform this with a choir too....)

the acoustic version by LWIT_RESEN (cooool!!!)
you can also download their version in here.

the sexy version by Pumashock
it does sound sexy to me. she is getting quite a fame nowadays, too.

the R&B version by theD.A.Y. (more more more...)
you can also download their version in here.

of course the parody version as requested in the first post.
it is just so funny.

and here is the original song by Girl's Generation (SNSD)
there are two dance versions of this song but i love this one better

seriously, six videos in one post... i'm dying... too much promotion for these girls on this blog... wahihihi

here is the first entry for the same song by the way. lyrics and other stuff is in there.
check it out too...

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  1. enjoyed the choir's and pumashock's version.... hahha.. fun fun.. and i think i'm starting to like this song... hehehe

  2. it really looks like im promoting these girls. wahahaha... im surprisingly loving this song too... maybe i should make my own version. wahahha