March 24, 2009

Spot your favorite SUJU member!!!

I was trying to look for some photos on the internet when I saw this in Asianfanatics.. these photos were posted by siwonnie_girl. THANK YOU for all the suju photos!!!

Spot your favorite SUJU member!!!




  1. siwon - 1st pic, middle
    ryeowook - 3rd pic, 1st
    kibum - last pic, last

    i can tell them all... wahahha

  2. i know.. i love how they included the gestures, costumes, etc of each member in the drawing..

  3. let me see:
    1st pic: hangeng (?), siwon, kyuhyun
    2nd pic: sungmin (?) shindong, yesung
    3rd pic: ryeowook, leeteuk, eunhyuk
    4th pic: heechul, kangin (?), donghae, kibum

  4. whoever made this, kay maayo kaayo.. hahaha

  5. yes joan! that's correct..
    in the first pic its hangeng.. because of the bow.. his trademark during recent suju performances of sorry, sorry...
    sungmin is in the second pic.. notice the hair.. and that's his gesture when he sang sorry sorry...
    and yes that's kangin.. that's his new hair

    very good and very creative ang ngmake ani!
    kuha jud ang detail!!!