March 9, 2009

生日快乐 李南! Sheng Ri Kuai Le Li Nan!

This post is especially for Joan! She is one of the authors on this blog and she is one of my closest friends (all of the authors here are my closest friends!)

Since she is a long way from home and because I wasn't able to send her a present (sorry...) I'm making this post for your birthday!! (that means this should be posted before midnight!!).

For her birthday gift I'm posting photos of her favorite actors.. they are Zai Zai and Wu Chun!

Zai Zai pictures...

Flowers especially for joan on her birthday!

Wu Chun Pictures...

I love this pic!!!

生日快乐 李南! Sheng Ri Kuai Le Li Nan!

miss you joan! mwah!

** credits to eigna614, francesca and ngoton@asianfanatics and wu chun's wretch site for the pictures



  1. 天啊!! 哈哈!

    Thank you sooooo much.. Today is truly a special day!! I am very happy!
    Thank you!!

    Tin, the photos are cute!!! Love the roses and the CAKE!!

  2. you're welcome!
    the real deal would have been better.. but they said they were busy so they sent pictures instead! ahahaha
    miss you! mwah!

  3. happy birthday joan!hehehe better late than never they say.:D saengil chukha hamnida!

  4. i loooove my zaizai's pics.especially when he's wearing green..i think that i would add that to my fave colors now.hahahaha

  5. ahahaha i absolutely love that picture!!
    he looks sooooo perfect!

  6. Thank you, shiira 동방신기!!!

    I love all the photos!!! haha..