March 21, 2009

dbsk in 'bokura no ongaku' 20090320

it seems that for the past days, i'm working on this blog alone. seriously, where are the authors???? 

dbsk/tohoshinki proved their worth in 'bokura no ongaku' last march 20. so so so impressed. 本当にすてき!!! they sang three ballads:
  • らいおんハート (lion heart) - an original SMAP song. wonderful harmonization, great job. (go jaejoong, go junsu).
  • 言葉にできない (kotoba ni dekinai) - translated roughly as "can't make words" is a Kazumasa Oda original. feel the passion in this performance.
  • ボレロ (bolero) - the group's performance is powerful in itself. add to it the great orchestra with the flute. what more can you ask for?
see the must see performance in youtube before it gets deleted.


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  1. ahahaha sorry innocent.. :D we've been a bit busy :D

  2. hey, innocent.. in case the youtube video gets deleted, you can downloading your video from youtube.. then post it here through blogger video..

  3. innocent.. you are doing a really good job!!!
    Keep it up!! Jiayou!!!

  4. @tiny - you couldnt chat if you are busy. however, that is not the case.

    @joan - thanks. im downloading the videos. wahahha

  5. @innocent.. busy with stuff ahaha.. im don't know.. not in the mood to post something.. dont know what to post. dont worry.. ill be posting today

    @joan... busy doin stuff :D turn-over!!! yay!!

  6. @innocent,im kinda busy too you know.and chatting is such an easy task.while blogging requires other mini tasks like pics to post, video, MV, romanized lyrics,hangul/nihonngo equivalent and the translation.hay.see? not to mention deciding what to post from my list.hehehe

  7. not excuses but reasons.:P and the main contributing factors why you can post more than we are: 1) you have an ultra cool laptop 2)you have a super fast T1-like internet connection 3)you don't sleep there.i had my say.hehehe

  8. hahaha..
    cge padayon mo lalis....

    oh.. i'm not much of a dbsk fan, but aside from the dbsk songs tiny shared with me, kotoba ni dekinai (lalala) has been added to favorites.. hehehe...

  9. ahahaha!
    i agree with shiira.. i wish i had the same internet connection...
    watch out lang ka inig uli nimo diri ba.. hilak2x ka jud! (evil grin!)

  10. thats so so far away. by that time comes, internet in the philippines would be faster...

  11. when pa diay ka mouli? a million years from now?hahaha *sarcastic