May 5, 2009

4th Live Tour kicks off @ Kobe, Junsu performs in a wheelchair

DongBangShinKi or better known as Tohoshinki in Japan, started their 4th Live Tour in Japan yesterday. However, fancams show Junsu performing with a wheelchair.Poor Susu. I hope he gets better soon. I read that he hurt his leg a day before the concert, during their rehearsals. And since everyone was looking forward to the concert, Junsu said that he wanted to go on for everyone who wanted to see them.

A fancam with Junsu in a wheelchair: Junsu Hurt

Junsu's message to his fans about his leg injury:





코베의 여러분!준수입니다!

투어의 첫날, 여러분에게 멋있게 보이고 싶었습니다만,
직전의 리허설중, 다리를 아프게 해 버려, 여러분에게 심폐 걸쳐 미안해요.
하루라도, 빠르게 완전인 동방신기를 보이기 위해서 노력하겠습니다!

쥰슈와v(^◇^) v


Everyone at Kobe! This is Junsu!

We wanted to show a fantastic performance on the first day of the tour but,
Right before it, during rehearsal, I hurt my leg, everyone, I’m sorry for making you worry.
Even if it’s for one day, I will try hard in order to quickly show the perfect THSK image once again!

Junshyuwa v(^◇^) v

Source: DNBN
Translations: mrskimj_j@DBSG

And for all of you who are curious about their 4th Live Tour schedule:

4th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Kobe
5th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Kobe
9th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Saitama Super Arena
10th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Saitama Super Arena
16th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Sendai
23rd May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Sapporo
30th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Fukuoka

6th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Hiroshima
11th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Osaka
13th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Osaka
1th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Osaka
18th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Nagoya
20th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Nagoya
21st June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Nagoya

Credits: caprishiqi@LJ + PicnicXiah + KPOP JJANG

Additional Credits: & & TVXQFever

One of the admins here, innocent, as you all know is in Japan right now. And he missed the tour by a day. Stupid innocent..hehehe He's in Kyoto now and basking in the wonderful scenery. I really hate this. I'm soo born into the wrong country.

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  1. i seriously went to kobe at the 3rd... totally missed everything... (as if i'll be able to see them if i was there on time...) so poor susu got injured on the very day i went to kobe... gosh.. hope we went to a hospital and possibly i can see susu...

    シーヤ ジュンス がんばって ね。。。