May 6, 2009

more covers of Gee (part 2)

and who would have thought there is more to this song (part 2)... seriously, just when i thought it is over, more and more keeps coming up... these girls are surely getting more and more promotions with just one song. wahihihihi...

anyway, just enjoy everything...

two heartwarming piano clips from keudae of youtube.
you can also download her version from her video page.

here is IU's guitar version of the song. this girl is really talented at such a young age. you can see previous post of IU from here - iu with "mia" (missing child)

and here is a fun cover by younha and k.will. so fun listening to them sing songs not theirs.
we have also featured younha previously from here - 1, 2, 3 - Younha
see more of k.will in here - Love 119 - K. Will feat. MC Mong

see our other posts for GEE from here:

credits to: for the pictures
keudae @ youtube for the piano version
DamLini and CodeAnalysis @ youtube for the other vids


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