May 10, 2009

yurisangja with various covers

have you guys heard of yurisangja??? well, this will be a short introduction for the duo. full profile will be provided for the next post. but this entry will introduce how musically talented they are. just listen to the covers they have done for now.

splendid. wahihihi...

i've been planning to post the group for the longest time. and now with the third video, i think it is the right time to post.


singing wondergirls, big bang and ft island hits

singing various songs with similar tunes including a dbsk hit. 
please do name the others if you know.

singing an snsd(girl's generation) hit that i've been posting for multiple times.

prot0980, redberry95 and dVERit of youtube for the videos
i googled the pictures so i forgot who to thank. please do leave a comment if you want credits for the pictures. 



  1. geee geee geee geee baby babyy ...
    sorry sorrry sorrry

    xD cant get it out of my head !!!!!

    yurisangja are really... awesome !

    'pabbooo pabbooo'

    >>> OUT !

  2. could you please tell me what's the song they're singing in the first video at ... 1:45 ...
    i think i heard it before ... but don't know where ... =)


    have a nive day, and i hope you're still fine


  3. hello GG... gee cant get out of my mind too... and before i realized it, i have posted lots. wahihihi...

    the first video:
    tell me - wondergirls
    lies - bigbang
    love sick - ft island

    the song you were asking about is the third in the list...

    have fun!!!