May 21, 2009

super junior in cosmopolitan

this is but a photospam. hugging in here... butt touching there... "skinship" all over in cosmopolitan... 

over and out.

미안해요 +



  1. waaaaaah.. super cute!
    when was this shot? i'm guessing probably the same time the neorago MV was shot... coz sungmin's hair is red and a little longer than his current hair :D

  2. ooooh siwon is handsome xD
    Kyu <3

    so cute !

    @tiny : WOW WOW you're AMAZING ! you know everything. o_o

  3. Btw : Jun ki looks more like a man with this hair cut =) so, i think that's better ^^"

  4. Sorry i forgot to ask you something [ 3 comments in a row youhou ! ^^ )

    do you have ANY IDEA where i can find the new movie of hyun bin, he plays a Psycho ^^ i think it'll be interesting to see him in an other character than the PERFECT lover =) .
    I think it's : friends, or the unfinished tale... something like this.

  5. @gg - i'm a certified addict! ahahaha :D and sungmin is my second fave suju member (next to siwon) so i noticed! ahahaha

    junki still looks cute...still :D but he looked a littled weird in his j style video!

    regarding hyun bin... he plays a stalker in a drama called Bodyguard. he's not listed as the main cast though.. but he was the stalker on episode 7.. it's on crunchyroll and on