May 11, 2009

super junior with "it's you"

yehey!!! the repackaged album is coming on the 14th of may... but the title single is officially distributed digitally last 11th... that means it's safe... and now, its time to post on this new single... yuhoo... 

the cover for the repackaged album is also out. you might notice that there are two quite similar pictures in this post. one is in black and white with the 3rd album title; the other is a colored version. but there is more to it... SPOT THE DIFFERENCE... wahahhaa... 

official MV will be coming out soon so let's be patient... MV stills are circulating in the web so just search for it if you are itching to see more. it seems a pretty decent MV by the way, and what is more important is the fact that the person below is also in the MV. kibum is and will always be a part of super junior... (*applause*)

here is the audio/video for "it's you"-- the new trendy, catchy with a wicked beat title single of the repackaged 3rdjib. i have the lyrics with me but let's wait for the official MV to be out. i'll post everything by then. video has english lyrics though; at least you can appreciate the depth. i apologize for not giving you the joys of a sing-along moment for now.

can't wait for the live performance on the 17th in inkigayo... 

inkon89 @ youtube



  1. you'll be at the LiVE PERF ????????

    pfff .... so lucky if that's so.


    really catchy, that's true.


  2. nopes... i wont physically be there but my mind and soul will be there... wahihihihi.. a bit exaggerated. wahihihi

    ill just stream for the live perf...

  3. by the way, have you spotted the difference between the two pics????? wahihihihi

  4. i spotted it..wahahahaha but i like sorry,sorry better than this..and the top of my list still goes to "why i like you"..:P

  5. @ shiira + korean texts - why do you like me????? wahihihihi....

    i like geudega geudega better than sorry sorry too.... but i like this song too... neorago!

  6. Oh yeah ! sppoted the difference ...
    i prefer sorry sorry though.


  7. hey GG, you must like Gee that much... it is written even in your name... wahihihihi... or the song was patterned after your name.... im not making any sense in here so i'd better stop

  8. Hahahah xD
    i didn't EVEN notice it !
    ( here GG is pronounced JJ )
    But yeah, Gee will follow me in my pseudo Too ...

    pretty catchy when we think about it xD

  9. wahahha... ok... did you know that jaejoong of dbsk is also known as JJ???

    your name is really famous in korea whichever way you pronounce it. wahihihihi