May 27, 2009

Battle of the Pop: Boys vs Girls Ends today,DBSK and Super Junior face-off

The latest poll at Channel V officially ended today with TVXQ/DBSK and Super Junior facing each other in the last round. Unfortunately, since yesterday, the votes have remained unseen by those who are voting. This makes it all the more exciting as to who will bag the honor this time. Will it be an easy sweep again for Super Junior or will the power of the TVXQ's Cassiopeia reign supreme this time?

I have read from one of the forum sites that I am a part of, that Super Junior gave a thank you message to all the E.L.F's who have supported them the last poll. Hearing this, I know the Cassies would want to hear a personal message from the DBSK boys themselves. Cross your fingers, fellow Cassies.

Tune in to Channel [V] on SUNDAY, May 31st 12nn to 6pm for the winner of Battle of the Pop.

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