May 21, 2009

Hyun Bin's new CF

I finally found some news about Hyun Bin! 

I sooo love this guy eversince I saw him on My Name is Kim Sam Soon and A Millionaire's First Love. I couldn't help but post this! And I'm granting GG her wish too ^-^!

Hyun Bin is the new face of Laneige Homme (라네즈 옴므) particularly for the sunblock lotion. According to the article I read, this commercial was shot on the roof-top of a building in Gangnam, Seoul. The purpose is to show off Seoul's cosmopolitan skyline.

I still can't get over his new look on his Outback commercials. And now this! He looks sooo young with his short hair -- and still handsome! ahahaha

**credits kpopped +  ★Shira@asianfanatics + kishisou@youtube



  1. OH GOD ! thank you !!!

    My husband (l) ^^

    even if he is still HANDSOME with short hair ... i prefer his snow queen's hair cut.

    Continue like this and you'll made my whoooole week ^^

    ( suju ... lee min ho (my everything) ... siwon, GJp , lee min ho AGAIIN and hyun bin. )

    Chipskjaa is PERFECT. ( Hyun bin too ... =))


    mercii beaucoup (L)

  2. you're most welcome GG! :D
    he's sooo handsome short hair or long hair!

    the weekend's coming so there might be lots of good stuff to post!

    oh by the i've read somewhere that k.will was the one who trained lee min ho for his singing! no wonder he sounded nice! :D

  3. Long hair are better :p

    hahaha if that's k.will ... that's understable that he sounded different from the extreme cf.
    I really doubted ! 'IS it GJP singing ?!!!! '
    His voice was more recognizable in the cf. =)

    Have a nice day !!!!

  4. i agree! long hair is definitely better ^-^

    my sentiments exactly.. he sounded different the first time... apparently k.will and minho are close friends (that's what the news said)... but he really sounded nice!
    he would probably be like lee jun ki soon.. ahaha he might be releasing an album too! :D

  5. it will be better if he concentrates on his acting skills ... i don't think that's a great idea if he releases an album .. ( even if i want to hear his voice all day long xD )

    ( Long hair IS* xD in french that's a plural name ... sorry ^^ )

    where is jun ki ??? i kind of forgot him :s

  6. i want to see more min ho dramas! :D

    i just read that he was recently in beijing along with Super Junior M and other asian stars to promote Pepsi... he's one of the asian endorsers, i think he made an CF last year..

    for the news:

    for the fan cam:

    i prefer his iljimae look still! ahahahaha