May 22, 2009

Battle of the Pop: Last round DBSK vs Super Junior

I feel like its deja vu all over again at Channel V. Before I knew it, DBSK and Super Junior are facing it off at the final round. The votes are still a little low coming in at 521 vs 571, still in favor of Super Junior.

I've been posting this in various forum sites I'm a part of so that fellow Cassies will be able to see this and support DBSK all the way. I don't want another loss regardless if this is not a time-worthy poll or anything. But it doesn't mean that we're not going to show just how much we love them and just how MANY the Cassies are right? I mean, we hold the Guiness record. We might as well use that leverage on this..So, come on Cassies.Start voting NOW!!!!

We have let them win the first battle. Now, let us win this one as we head off to finish the war.

*Note: I'm so getting nervous with this.hehe

To vote, click here. Don't forget to register!

Edit: The voting is only until MAY 26. So keep on voting. Spread the word and let your votes count.

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