May 27, 2009

kim beom singing in japan fan meeting

don't you miss him??? kim beom is one of the new product endorsers of OZ Generation but he didn't sang in the recently circulated video. the curious me then searched and found this video instead... the boy can sing decently for sure.

photos first before anything else. this is looking like a photospam now.

he was born on july 7, 1989 by the way.

and now to the singing...

this video was taken on april 16 of this year when the whole cast of boys before flowers went to japan. the fans were treated by a song... of course, i would raise my standards for singers but it was good for a non-singer...


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  1. Kim Beom & Kim Hyun Joong Poster, Check it out. Thanks.

  2. haaahhhaahha......kawaiii desu