May 6, 2009

Pics from Kobe, "The Secret Code" Tour

Despite the incident with Junsu, the concert was a success. Su and the rest of the members of Tohoshinki proved time and time again how dedicated they are to their fans. Instead of canceling and getting that much deserved rest, the boys especially Su opted to go on with the concert so as not to disappoint the fans. I am so proud of them. For all their hard work and dedication. But still, do remember that you are all humans. Humans have a limit as to how far it can push the body. I know the fans would understand if you take a break and take care of yourselves once in a while. The Cassies and Bigeast are always there to support all of you all the way. So, I hope Junsu get better for their tour at Saitama on the 9th. Junsu Hwaiting!Toho!Toho!Toho! がんばります!

4th Live Tour "The Secret Code" Bolero Performance

4th Live Tour "The Secret Code" Box in the Ship Performance

4th Live Tour "The Secret Code" Heart Mind and Soul Performance

Yesterday, Junsu hurt his leg during rehearsal. That's why there's a problem for this concert. The staff and the members were contemplating whether or not to cancel the concert but because of everyone who has been looking forward to this, Junsu said he wanted to go on with the concert.

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THSK @ their dressing room. Sunny smiles everyone!

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