May 14, 2009

dbsk's seolreim CF, 3rd fan meeting baby talk, junsu's soul @ kobe, susu acting all cute

saitama pics where junsu finally was able to walk slowly

the title says how random this post is. but what can you do, i miss them... we haven't posted much of the group lately so here is a dose....

before their kobe concert, dbsk shot a CF. here is the finale for that with english subtitles. we never got the chance to post it here... someone did post it in her other blog but didn't ever post it here. i just don't know why. T^T

next video is taken from the 3rd fan meeting. yoosu lost in a game and were made to act as babies as punishment. this is never a punishment for all the fans. lose some more..... wahihihihi

just before the kobe concert, junsu injured his ankle. we never got to see him showcase his dancing skills. he even got less stage appearance than the others. this must be really hard for him... but the less dance he got, the more he gave it all with the vocals.. damn.

kawaisou. just sitting trying to dance. doushite junsu suki ni natte shimattandarou?
box in the ship

emotional my destiny

the adlib in beautiful you

forced himself to stand for the finale song, bolero

but at the end of it all, junsu is still the adorkable junsu. that cannot be changed. wahahahha

after doing everything above, it is more like random junsu vids than anything else. wahihihihi

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  1. spamming junsu...junsu all over the blog..only goes to show how addicted you are to a certain Su..hahahaha

    i miss changmin..i miss changmin..i miss changmin..

  2. shouldn't that be seolreim? it was written 설 레 임...:D i'm not that sure though if that's how they pronounce it also..

  3. i cant read korean,,,, but that is how it was posted. maybe the romanization is that way.

  4. everyone was in the CF and yoochun was the lead... and yoochun is in the baby talk, too. its not only xiah...

  5. you're biased with the yoosu couple..:P

  6. shiira! i agree with you should be romanized as seolreim (based on the hangul characters) :D

    junsu hao ke ai! :D

    spamming xiah junsu! love it!

  7. there, i have updated the title as said. you seriously need to post here too tiny... shiira and i have drafted many evil plans regarding that issue... wahihihihi

  8. ahaha... sorry.. haven't posted anything.. and i'm not online that much -- my classes are in the morning and afternoon.. dont worry will be posting more soon!