May 17, 2009

super junior in inkigayo 20090517 with "neorago" (it's you)

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yuhooo... today is may 17th... and that means it's time for the live performance of super junior for the new single "neorago".

i watched the live streaming via tv ants together with another admin (read as tiny น่ารัก) and we cheered as loud as we could: her in the philippines and me in japan. wahihihi...

it was a much awaited performance and the group never failed my expectations... though one member failed, the others did great... he wasn't there at all.. wahuhuhu T^T

i won't hold you for long, here is the live performance in inkigayo freshly captured today. best part for me: eunhyuk with the heartpopping skyrockets to the top...


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  1. ahahaha! absolutely loved the performance!
    hyukie's part most especially!!! kya!!
    chest popping movements..
    oh oh only for you
    oh oh only for.. :D

  2. eunhyuk!!!!gya!!!you killed me..the chest popping movements are love..hehehe

    and o-m-g..look at my teukie..isn't he great?huh?

    someone get an extiguisher..i think my monitor's smokin already..hahahaha