May 16, 2009

DBSK and SUJU in Korean Sparkling CF (090516)

I'm posting again! ahahaha :D

OMG!!! I want to go to Korea!

This is the time I really think that I'm living in the wrong country! And I really want to go and visit Korea - especially after seeing this ad!

My love affair with Korean entertainment started when I saw Goong and Lovers in Paris being aired on a local television channel. It skyrocketed to the highest level this year - all thanks to my friends who are addicts like me. Because of this fascination - I want to go to Korea. And I want really really want to go there after seeing this ad.

This ad is for the Sparkling Korea-- Korea's tourism campaign. I've seen ads like this before. There was in even one especially targeted to Seoul (soul) and Rain was featured in that ad. In the new Sparkling Korea ad, it features the tourists spots which addicts to the Korean entertainment are familiar of (based on what I understand, the theme of this ad is Korean entertainment). Who isn't familiar with Namiseom Island (where the famous Winter Sonata was shot)?? Ever seen Daejanggeum?? If you liked it you should visit the Daejanggeum theme park.  I loved the drama 1st Shop of Coffee Prince -- and I would love to visit the shop where it was shot.

In this ad.. my favorite boys are featured! Both DBSK and Super Junior are featured in this ad! And that's why I want to go to Korea!!! The boys (ahahaha :D) are really gaining popularity world wide ^-^ . You could say they are now reaping the benefits of all those years of training!

Waaah.. I want to go there! 

And as a plus... here is the 15 second version of DBSK's  Seolreim CF.. they're so cute! 

** credits farahmicky8 and ichigoKJJ@youtube + dnbn



  1. GG: ' i prefer sorry sorry though ... '

    * GG 48H later *

    Neoraaaagooo neoraaagooo (8)
    Soorry sorrry sorrry nege nege ... (8)

    Those guys are just INCREDIBLY addictives !!!
    ( i'm not adding smthg new, just repeating myself for the XX's time ! )

    I feel like i'm born in the wrong country too!
    'want to leave france !

    Have a nice day!

  2. wahahha... and here i thought you are not into neorago... wahahaha... have you seen there performance today???? neorago climaxed... i can't wait for the videos... wahihihi

  3. tiny น่ารัก! LET'S go to KOREA!!!
    Cebu Pacific is now making it possible... :D

  4. @GG - we're living in the wrong country definitely! ahahaha... neorago is really addictive! i'm loving these guys!

    @Meg - let's save and go there! ahahah :D target date? ahaha... but not too soon... darn!! i still have another trip