May 16, 2009

Neorago 너라고 (It's You) Drama Version MV

Innocent is making me post! ahahaha.. because he reasons I haven't posted in quite a while... and so I am posting the drama version of Super Junior's Neorago MV.

It came out yesterday... and this time there weren't any dancing scenes.. but it features close up scenes of the boys while they were singing. Unfortunately though for Kibum, he does not sing a part in the song but he still is in the MV! He was the first member to appear in the screen… I wonder if he will be in the Inkigayo performance… I hope he will be! And I can’t just help but be excited thinking about the performance tomorrow(May 17 – don’t miss it! make sure you have tvants!). Everyone of the members has their own time grazing the screen. I love Siwon’s cuts! he really acted with his telephone concept… Hankyung also looks sooo good in this MV! All of the boys do! ahahaha.. and for Wookie fans, you get to see hiom throw the bouquet! (it was cut in the other official MV).

**credits wondersmurf@youtube



  1. siwon is quite an actor in here... hankyung kinda acts well too... i just find donghae weird with those dances he is trying to make... ryeowook with flowers is adorable...

  2. siwon is an actor! ahahaha... so handsome and adorable... and hankyung said before that he wants to act.. and i think he he even starred recently in a chinese drama... the boys are so adorable!