May 30, 2009

dbsk in "the secret code" tour with 9095

dbsk is in the middle of their "the secret code" tour and yet we haven't posted much about it. so here i am trying to fill that void. photos were taken in saitama. it was in here where junsu was finally able to stand up and walk better compared to the first two venues where he was glued on a wheelchair... poor him, must be hard not to dance with the others.

junsu did stand up and walked in saitama but it was still later in sapporo last May 24 and 25 where he fully recovered and danced.

one of the songs they performed was 9095, and the dance was pretty sexy. the fancam below showcases the steamy hot performance. better stay away from combustibles or you might set your room on fire.... wahihihihih


and here are the rest of the photos.

cosmic hosu
jukigarment @ youtube



  1. @innocent, thanks for posting changmin's pic on top...:D my heart stopped beating when i saw him..hehehe

    omo,omo, tohoshinki what in the hell are you doing with the mic stand? im getting jealous..hehehe sexy sexy sexy..

    this should be banned..this fancam would kill lots of fangirls..heehe smokin HAWT!!!

  2. pics are in alphabetical order... cm, jj, js, yc, yh.

    i should have written a disclaimer... wahahhaha. view with caution... wahahha

  3. post individual fancams..especially of changmin and junsu...oh no, my nose is bleeding already..rofl