May 15, 2009

Changmin's Longest UFO reply

Gosh, I miss the boys so much that it hurts..huhuhuhu *drama mode And some of my fellow admins here are not helping at all. They keep on promoting other artists and posting none for my dongbang. Still, despite the busy schedule that I have *cough,cough, I have come across this post from one of the gazillion forum sites of which I'm a member of.

We all know how Changmin was known as the King of UFO replies. He is snarky,witty,serious but funny and utterly delectable..hahaha (Changmin in white frost topped with yummy caramel anyone??) Well, amazingly, a very lucky fan got 5 replies all from him. Isn't that fan lucky? Isn't she?Huh?Huh?

When it comes to studies, Changmin really has a lot of things to say.hehehe Go Changmin Jjang!

Note: Forgive me if the pic is all Yoochun, when it's Changmin UFO they're posting.Well, can't do anything about it can I? :)

as seen from the image

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