May 19, 2009

F4 after years - Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo's stories

I posted something about Lee Min Ho's song earlier today. And since the video for the after years story of Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo are out... I have to post this -- no subs though because this video is quite fresh (it was aired today!)

It’s finally out! Three weeks after the release of Yi Jung and Woo Bin’s story, Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo’s story are finally out. NO subs yet, but I'll try to find videos with subs later :D

Ji Hoo's Story

The song used in this story is Sometime which was sung by SS501. Awww.. I miss Ji Hoo! ahaha I miss Hyun Joong! I’m not sure what the story is.. but there was a part when Ji Hoo was reading poetry for Jan Di (I think its Jan Di) And there was a cut where looking at the “wedding” pictures he took with Jan Di. Then there were flashbacks of scenes where both of them were together – starting from the time he gave her the hankie.. I think I would need subs for this ehehe.. I’m confused if it’s the story of Ji Hoo trying to say goodbye or Ji Hoo telling Jandi he likes her… But Hyun Joong was soo cute! ahahahaha

Jun Pyo's Story

Lee Min Ho sang the song that was used in his story. The story (from what I gather – I don’t speak Korean but the clip is understandable) revolves around the cookies that Jan Di made for Jun Pyo – in this story Jun Pyo makes the cookies for Jan Di. While making the cookies there flash backs of Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s love story. Woo Bin appears in kitchen (I don’t know what they were talking about). I guess he trying to tease him by getting one of the cookies. Lee Min Ho looked cute in the apron he wore. I’d love to eat those cookies anytime! ahaha yum!

If you’d like copies of the song you can visit hoonfami’s channel on youtube 

** credits hoonfami@youtube



  1. ... OK

    Tiny, you know what, I LOVE YOU !

    you made my day =D

    thank you for posting it here. i won't have to search ! <3

  2. you're very welcome!

    ahahaha.. i've been waiting for these videos for weeks! and i really had to share.. i can't wait for the subbed versions! but gjp story is easy to deduce! :D

    don't you just love them! aw... i miss these guys! :D

  3. I've been waiting soooo long to watch JunPyo's videossss n I'm quite happy to see him again after his drama....I wanna see him again in another him so muchhhhh.....^^he acts so cool....he's such a handsomeeee n great actor!!!!Ji Hoo is better with the new haircut but Still i like JunPyo hehe....