May 19, 2009

Siwon on Men's Health

I'm sure most of you have seen these pictures already... but I can't help but post this!

It's Siwon's picture's from Men's Health Magazine... honestly.. my jaw dropped! Siwon body is really really really really nice! Soooo... sexy! ahahaha... I won't blabber too much... feast yout eyes instead! 

**credits siwonnie_girl@asianfantics



  1. i'm really enjoying your posts xD

    suju ... Gjp ... siwon ... Lee min ho and ' my evrything' ....
    what else?

    please a little of hyun bin and it'll be PERFECT ;)

    I'm definitely... an addict !

    Have a nice day everyone =D
    and than kyou so muuuuuuuuuuuch

  2. your welcome! we're all addicts! :D

    i'll try to see if i can find something about hyun bin.. the last time i saw him was in that Outback (restaurant) commercial where i didn't recognize him because of his hair! :D

  3. ill post a hyunbin some time... park hyun bin that is... :D

  4. whew! OMG! i'm on fire! hahaha!
    my office mates dig these pics, and the cover is the wallpaper of my phone now!


  5. killer 6packs courtesy of siwonie..thats what you call HOT..with a capital S..hehehe

  6. @ innocent - me likey park hyun bin! post more trot... i want the song he sang last sunday in inkigayo...

    @ meg and shiira - smokin'! ahahaha we dig siwonnie's abs!