May 19, 2009

Battle of the Pop: Boys vs Girls - The Battle heats up

DBSK has successfully won the 1st and 2nd round. Now, 3rd round is up at Channel V and our beloved boys are battling it out with Jay Chou. DBSK is currently on the lead with 1236 as opposed to 623 votes. Edit: As of this writing, the posts was 1236 but the next minute it rose to 1273.hehehe I love the support! Keep it coming Cassies!I finished voting, by the way.

Super Junior is still in the battle and the E.L.F.'s have nothing but all out support for their group as well. They're up against Taiwan's popular girl group S.H.E. Super Junior has 1212 votes while S.H.E. has more than half of that figure at 683 votes. The most anticipated battle between Super Junior and DBSK would commence as I'm sure that Super Junior and DBSK would battle it out again in the succeeding rounds. Channel V better have the best server facilities cause I'm so tired of seeing their offline page whenever their server crashed because of the tremendous site hits.

Anyways, to vote, click here. Don't forget to register!

Cassies, start voting NOW!

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