May 19, 2009

Lee Min Ho My everything preview

For all Lee Min Ho fans...

Some people in my country (where I'm residing) has been bitten by the Boys Before Flower bug since it was recently aired in one of the local television stations...

I'm still missing the boys and the show.. and I'm really anticipating the F4 five years later. The first part was shown last month. It showed Yi Jung and Woo Bins story (go to this post to view videos). And from what I read, Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo's version will be aired today -- I hope they don't change it... it has been moved several time already . I'll be posting the vid as soon as I'll see it on youtube!

But since the videos aren't available yet.. I found this.. for the Lee Min Ho fans... he will be singing in the F4 special edition CD.. its possible that this track will be used in his story(cant wait! ^-^). The song he is singing is called My Everything. I found this video on youtube.. apparently its the second track in the special edition CD :D. Enjoy!!

**credits dolus-specialis @ hydkorea lj comm, `soliloquy @ soompi + hoonfami@youtube


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